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What should be the ingredients for your SEO pie for success?


What should be the ingredients for your SEO pie for success?

While many websites are still recovering from the Google Hummingbird release and Penguin 2.1 update, we’re also starting out on an adventure of a brand new year. So far we know that high quality content, authority and keyword relevance play a significant role in link relevance. But how should you get ready for the year ahead of you? Here are some ingredients that will ensure your SEO strategy for 2014 isn’t half baked!

Google Updates

2013 was tough year for SEOs and we should be ready for any potential updates in the coming year. The demand for genuine and high quality content is more important than ever, and users exposed to useful, interesting and relevant web content will definitely be rewarded with a more satisfying user experience too.

Social Media

Recently Bing and Google have both said that they follow the links shared on Facebook and Twitter. This is a clear indication that social media is going to be a significant influence on SEO rankings. Social media websites has been a key area of interest for SEOs, ever since this announcement, and if you build a faithful following via social media you will likely boost your organic rankings.

Mobile SEO

The amount of users who browse the internet through their mobile devices is soaring. Since most people now carry an internet enabled mobile device, mobile SEO is going to be a significant area to focus our attention on. Social plans like where to go out are frequently asked of friends via Facebook before going on a night out. If this trend is relevant to your brand you should give some priority for mobile internet users.

Schema Markups

This is a quick and easy way to improve the SERPs of any website with minimal effort. This surprisingly under-utilised useful tactic is expected to pick up steam this year. It is a common set of schemas created by the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) to understand the elements on a webpage and the brand. According to this schema the categorisation and identifying the information on a webpage is made easier, helping the page to stand out more prominently among the SERPs; understandably this could result in more clicks and better rankings.

Content Marketing

The traditional marketing methods are slowly losing their grip and content marketing is the way to go this year. It is the concept of communicating with your prospective clients (or existing clients in some cases) without any direct in-your-face traditional marketing methods. When relevant content is presented to a specific audience, the users will naturally embrace it and inadvertently lead to better brand recognition and greater sales and profits.

Are you well equipped for these trends and tactics for 2018? I hope this blog will help you to layout your SEO strategy for the challenging months ahead. There’s no time to waste; get planning now so you can battle hard against your competitors and win that bigger piece of the pie for your business!

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