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The 39 rules of Santorini


The 39 rules of Santorini

On the one hand, May Day is just around the corner with Santorini tours suggesting we combine tours with travel.

On the other hand, the weather was finally reminiscent of summer, but we didn’t want our excursion to soar. Santorini is more than ‘one of the most beautiful islands in Greece’. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and we are very proud of it.

The 39 rules of Santorini

So proud to have compiled the list of 39 rules for the next time you enjoy it.

Destination: Santorini – what else? Whenever this is the case, it is true that:

  1. If it’s so nice to walk on Santorini, think how nice it is to run it.
  2. On the donkeys, you were in your 10s. Now you can go on foot, no one will misunderstand you.
  3. If you haven’t had a sunset in Oia then, you have NO idea what to say sunset.
  4. No matter how many times you see it, you never get bored of this sunset.
  5. Why aren’t those who watch the sunset taxed? What does the tourism ministry do?
  6. At sunset, it’s nice to sit on the faces of tourists whose jealousy was not born in this place
  7. Before the instant of the setting sun, take a stroll from the Chili Bar to Perivolos. They may brew beer and maybe stink, but it’s worth it.
  8. Volkan or Crazy Donkey? These are dilemmas. These are beers.
  9. The old five days, then the buccaneers, then the models, then the basketball players, then the Chinese. Santorini belongs to its people.
  10. Do not quarrel if it has a better view of Firostefani or Imerovigli. Everywhere is beautiful.
  11. You never forget the first time you see the Red Beach.
  12. A kids beach, a beach.
  13. Yes, Santorini has no beaches. Underneath your apartment building in Zografou is golden sand stretching from the Maldives eh?
  14. The uphills are difficult but the reward of running with this view is even better.
  15. Fava, tomatoes, white eggplant, capers, wines. These are the things that tourists should normally applaud. Try everything, in all possible and unlikely combinations (see fava ice cream).
  16. Santorini tomatoes should be more famous than the volcano.
  17. The best food awaits you at the Tower. No, it’s not a beach, but a village. Authentic and honest. Discover it.
  18. Every corner of Santorini hides beauties. From Exo Gialos to Pyrgos and from Emporio to Megalochori.
  19. Sandwich for lobster macaroni and crepe bread (indicative time of arrival: 08.00).
  20. All roads lead to Oia. Growing up I mean. When you have a permanent relationship or family. The Fira Gingerbread is exclusively for bakery friends.
  21. As you head for Oia, take the new road – unless the turns and cliffs make you.
  22. It’s ridiculous to stink at the only tree in Oia (a small one in the square). I tell you I have it.
  23. A selfie with a newly married Chinese couple to get the season going.
  24. Quota # 1 should normally be entered. Of the 100 tourists, 60 places for Chinese, 20 for Europeans, 10 for Greeks, 10 for others.
  25. Normally you should get a quota of # 2 Sandwiches 0.02% of your monthly income, 0.08% beer, 0.2% pork. Then let me see you rich.
  26. Gift yourself the Caldera Tour with sailing. Experience life on the BBQ at sea, next to the volcano.
  27. There is so much wine with the best views.
  28. And yes, that’s how I imagine paradise.
  29. It’s so beautiful you can’t enjoy it.
  30. If you’re tired of classic shows, don’t forget the free-runners you can see rooftop rooftop.
  31. If the volcano were active, we wouldn’t be talking about a lava, but a lava biose.
  32. As you know, Mykonos and Santorini are like penguins in love.
  33. 25% of the magic of Santorini is to arrive by boat at dawn and cut off as you approach the port, not believing where you are.
  34. The other 25% is to breathe again when you board the bus from the port of Fira.
  35. The other 50% is the caldera, your eyes getting lost in the sight of a long lounge at Franco’s.
  36. The historic pub Two Brothers ends every night that respects itself.
  37. In Fira in August, the road is more congested and morning to morning at the University.
  38. And no no, it’s not too early to talk about Santorini. At April’s Imerovigli dawn – I’m not saying it, Christos Kyriazis says it. You must visit Santorini!
  39. Whatever the question, the answer is Santorini private guided tours!

The 39 rules of Santorini

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