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Hand Motions Or Focus Point Guiding


The #1 method on how to speed read is simply to guide your eyes. This is the easiest and the fastest way to increase your reading speed. If you have ever watched a speed reader on television or at a show, this will be the method that the speed reader will be using.

When it comes to speed reading, your eyes are not your friends. I know that may sound a bit crazy, but it is absolutely true. There are two main reasons why your eyes limit your reading speed:

Your eyes have become accustomed to a certain speed and they stay true to form. You may be able to quicken your pace briefly by focusing on reading faster, but sure enough, they will quickly revert back to their “normal” reading speed.

Your eyes are not designed to focus in a uniform row. They like to jump around and focus on random things. They are so quick and fast that they can jump around in between words and still continue to read.

So, how do you rectify these two issues? By hand motions or “focus point guiding.” This is a simple fix. Just run your finger (or a pencil, pen, index card, etc) along beneath the words of the text that you are reading. It really is that easy.


The “focus point” will keep your eyes focused on the text and eliminate the jumping around that your eyes usually do. This alone will increase your reading speed.


However, now that you are focusing your eyes on the text, I want you to slightly increase your reading speed in increments. Just move your finger along the page a little bit faster than you would normally read and watch at how easily you can keep up with your new reading speed.


Here is a test:


Find a text that is about two pages long and read it normally. Now read it again by using a focus point – did you notice that the text went faster the second time? Now read it a third time by using a focus point at a faster rate. You can actually double your reading speed (or more) by just using this one method. As a matter of fact, many of the books and guides published about speed reading merely teach this one simple strategy.


So, how fast can you go? Well, continue to experiment until you find the speed that begins to affect your comprehension – then go just slightly slower than that. Don’t worry, this is NOT your maximum speed – this is just your maximum speed right now. By practicing this method and becoming more and more comfortable with it, you will notice your reading speed continue to increase. Push your boundaries every time and you will see that you will be reading faster and still getting full comprehension.


Actually, that is the exercise for this method… use it. Just using this method on a regular basis will develop your speed reading ability and you will find yourself reading faster and faster each and every time.


So, the next time you read a newspaper, magazine, book, or any text at all, use this focus point guiding method to speed read. The more you use this method, the more comfortable and easy it will be. Soon enough it will be natural for you to use a focusing guide when you read.