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Portrayal Of Women In The Media & How It Affects Us


Portrayal Of Women In The Media & How It Affects Us


Women perpetrated in the media and it has a great effect on men!


Winter trade in the media in today’s culture and we could even say pop culture is getting even more crude as it goes along. From the simple changes of the one piece bathing suit to the micro bikini, the founding fathers views on naked pictures to the subculture of Internet pornography (Athens call girl or Athens call girls), the views and women have changed but the nasty feelings behind them have it.


Yes, women have gained the right to vote and the ability to be independent, free and at liberty to choose, to divorce, to work, even the power right over the dual ship of birthing a child. However, it seems one thing has not changed, from women being second-class slaves from the years 1000 BC to 1880 A.D., to the re birthing of women’s rights and liberating of the household woman.


We have seen women allow themselves to use sexual power in the media to sell, whether it is a ridiculous perfume or some clothes that are American-made, thus they’re allowed to show half naked Americans, because again there 100% American, to Victoria’s Secret being the fact that her closer made in sweatshops and the models are paid so much that they deserve to be in the 1% that everyone seems to hate recently.



The thrill of women has been used to cloak over what’s being done behind closed doors. It’s a sad fact that the media betrays women as if they are still objects to be owned, while allowing them to rise up and claim the spotlight of independence inside of the media mogul chain.


All the while, women feel liberated, men are looking at more breasts and being more programmed to all their life satisfactions will come from mammary glands and how large they are!


The use of media has always been about power, from Hitler forcing the use of the population to watch two hours of his propaganda so that they would be fully willing to go into a world war for the great hero, to the use of women to actually affect what men should think do and say because of their physical beauty. The media knows that women have a power over men sexually, and they make darn sure to use 100% of that knowledge to control men.


It’s sad because sometimes when you wake up to these disgusting commercials and what they really program us with, I even wonder if I was ever supposed to like breasts as a man myself. It’s not like the milk was meant for me this late in my life, I was a baby once and I had my time, but I’m done nursing.


Aren’t all the other guys out feeling the same way as me? Sure women (Athens call girl or Athens call girls) can be physically attractive, in their face, curves, attitude, mentality, etc. But why are we so drawn to breasts as a male… in one word… MEDIA!!!

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