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How to dress for summer


How to dress for summer

Summer always cheers us up. The sun, the sea, vacations are women’s favorite season and not only that. Summer evenings outside are unique. We look forward to when it comes. And of course the clothing is lighter, cooler and of course airy. In this article of our magazine we will tell you how to be stylish in the summer with clothes (καλοκαιρινά ρούχα).

Summer in style


Prefer your clothing to be comfortable, light and airy in the summer months. Whether with dresses, skirts, full body shorts, denim shorts, denim dresses, trousers.

And of course feel comfortable in whatever you wear. Also choose the appropriate outfit for the time you want to go out. It might be for an early coffee, it might be for a late night cocktail.

In the summer we dress more simply because with the heat it is, you don’t need to load yourself with clothes you don’t need. If it’s evening and there’s a bit of a breeze, you can wear a light and cool kimono over it. Which will always leave you white-faced.


Choose your make-up to be light and earthy with the heat, you don’t need to weigh down your face. Put on your moisturizer that you wear every day or the face sunscreen that you definitely need in the summer.

The make up, mascara for bold eyelashes, blush in a bronze shade and your favorite lipstick. Whether it’s in soft shades of nude, pink or a more intense red, coral color. In the summer, if you are also tanned, you should prefer a bright color. Bright colors in lipstick go well with tanned skin.


Hair needs more care in summer. A little sun, a little sea, they suffer enough. Take care of your hair with hair masks or hair oil. Especially when you are at sea they need more care. You usually want them bundled up so they don’t heat you up when they’re down.

You can do a light braid on the side which is very trendy in the summer months or put them up in a simple ponytail. You can also make them curly using a little foam special for curly hair and you will be super.


Accessories always give style at all times of the day. Prefer more subtle accessories. Like earrings, rings, necklaces. Make sure they don’t make too much noise. If you still want it to be grande, it is your right to do whatever you want, you will always choose according to your taste.

Choose bags, either shoulder or back depending on where you want to go. If you are at the sea, choose a nice beach bag for a grande look and include the sunglasses you will definitely need.

Choose clothes that emphasize a part of your body

Whatever clothes you have chosen, make sure they emphasize and show off a part of your body. That is, if you want to emphasize only your bust, prefer a deep crop top with a midi skirt. If you want to emphasize only your legs, choose a mini skirt or a mini dress.

If you want to emphasize only your back, choose a maxi backless dress without a neckline.

Emphasize only one point at a time. Don’t emphasize too many parts of your body, the effect will be exaggerated. Whereas if you choose to emphasize one part of your body, the result will be very good and without exaggeration.

Wear the clothes, not let them wear you

Whatever clothes you choose, make sure that you wear it, not that it wears you. When you support what you wear and feel comfortable in the outfit you’ve chosen, it shows.

Don’t copy the models in the magazines who have a different body type. Also their photos are messed up. You should choose clothes based on your own style.

And you will have the best impressions and of course you will have stolen the show with your outfit. Always be comfortable in what you wear and support it.

Dress according to your age

The clothes you choose to wear try to match your age. Every age has appropriate clothes. It is true that as we grow older we want to feel younger and wear more youthful clothes but it is wrong. The result is not very good.

For young age: If you are relatively young you can wear young clothes, e.g. girly dresses, shorts, mini dresses.

For more mature women: If your age is older, prefer midi dresses, overalls, suits that will make you both elegant and stylish.

Regarding the accessories: Make sure the accessories you have chosen match the clothes you are wearing. If you have chosen grande clothes, prefer more subtle accessories and a bag and vice versa.

The external appearance plays a very important role and you also mean the outfit you have chosen for your outing. All women want to be beautiful, well-groomed with nice clothes and accessories.

As summer approaches, our clothes take on a greater variety of colors and patterns. We are all in the season when we change our wardrobes and can’t wait to wear our light summer clothes.

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