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It’s about the FIT and the Accesories (women bags)


It’s about the FIT and the Accesories (women bags)

Ugh, where do I start from? I have so much to say in this post not only about the clothes, but so many things personal. It seems like I am coming back to my own blog after forever.
Due to a very teeny-tiny mistake, I almost lost my website and honestly I was  heartbroken because I am a very restless/anxious person, oops! But aren’t all of us the same? I mean it just took me a second and small ignorance towards a mail, and one fine morning I woke up losing my website.

It was my worst nightmare and it came true. Dreams can shatter in one second, but this just made me realize the value of my blog, and taught me a lesson for life.

And l bought my dream bag from 4bag!

I have been struggling in between my jobs from the past two months, rarely did I have the time to shoot or pay attention to what I really LOVE, and that is my BLOG. But I am very grateful that this incident happened and I realized what I should have, two months back. No matter what I do in my life to survive in this world and to be independent, I am never going to be careless about things I love and am passionate about, phew!

On a lighter note let’s get back to the post, yay!

I took up a challenge with Aeom Couture and decided to be an Aeom Boss Babe for an entire day. As a blogger more than often I see myself struggling to choose my outfits for everyday. We not only go to our respective jobs, but in between attend events and parties, of course. I chose three outfits from Aeom Couture and styled them from day to night, and there I was done for the day and slaying!

What I truly loved about AEOM Couture , is that its  USP ,i.e, custom fit to suit all body types. You can design your own outfits and not worry about the fit. From designing to size everything is in your hand, and this really has been the best part about choosing and designing my outfits from AEOM Couture.

Being Aeom’s Boss Babe has been crazy, and you can be it too, I am sure you don’t want to miss this.

LOOK 1 : Meet and Greet

I chose this outfit because I am the most comfortable in shorts and I can literally live in them forever. Running around errands and meetings with being on top of my style totally has been kickass. Rhinestone cold- shoulder top with bow shorts was my way to spend my afternoon in.
Check it out!

LOOK 2 : Cocktail/Party inspo!

I really believe in my curves, since I am not blessed with a good height, why not show off what you already have, haha. But honestly I like choosing outfits that compliment my body, and Since I could customize my outfits in Aeom Couture and choose the right fit, I chose a body con dress which can perfectly go for a cocktail party and looks amazing. Just like me, you can make the right choice with your body too, don’t hide your curves just be comfortable with them instead. No matter how your body is- skinny, healthy, curvy or anything you can always look your best in choosing the best!

So be a Queen, anyway.

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